A man made catastrophe of EPIC proportions

Watch out, New Orleans.  Watch out, Biloxi, Mobile.  It looks like the risks of Hurricane season have increased as a result of the BP Oil Catastophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, if a hurricane encounters the oil slick now, the combination could be devastating, according to hurricane scientists. Not only could any hurricane increase the damage that oil does to coastal wetlands, but the presence of oil could lead to a more powerful hurricane.  That is because the oil on the surface, because it is black, absorbs heat, and also prevents evaporation that typically helps to cool the Gulf in the summer.  Of course, we have no precedent for this, because we have no record of a hurricane meeting an oil spill.  I used to live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and can honestly say that this is the last thing the region needs.  This is another clear illustration of how expensive a gallon of gas really is.

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