The heartbreak kids have done it again.  After 90 minutes in which another US goal, this time by Clint Dempsey, was negated by another bad (offsides) call, Landon Donovan, America’s leader, scored the winner during stoppage time, breaking a scoreless tie that would have eliminated the Americans from the World Cup.  The Americans once again fought through adversity and many near-miss chances to win their Group for the first time since 1930.  This team has displayed mastery in the clutch moments, scoring often at the end of matches during their qualifying run.  Now they advance out of Group C as the winner.  These boys deserve all the support we can give them.  USA! USA! USA! USA!

One Comment on “USA! USA! USA! USA!”

  1. […] several upstart teams played remarkable matches.  Of course, the United States won yesterday, advancing after Landon Donovan scored during stoppage time to beat Algeria.  Today, the Kiwis from New Zealand nearly pulled off the same feat, but failed to score against […]

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