This was no tea party, but instead a real community

Today, along with Buddy Cianci, Senator Whitehouse, Senator Reed, Representative Langevin, Mayor Cicilline, and every other biwig in the State of Rhode Island, I attended Bristol, RI’s  225th annual Independence Day Parade.  I arrived over three hours before the parade started, and the sense of community was everywhere – really buzzing.  In addition to awesome Drum and Bugle Corps and marching bands from across the country (as far away as Minnesota and Texas) there was lots of local fife and drum groups, dressed up in their colonial best, with tricorn hats included.  For the past year, these hats have been featured in divisive, discordant, and sometimes racist Tea Party rallies, featuring grown men screaming at the top of their lungs about language in a bill (spitting, too).  However, today the tricorn was reclaimed for positive community vibes.  Bravo, Bristol.

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