It’s As If Apple Has Hired Don Draper (via TechCrunch)

Apple computer knows how to create an elegant package, but they also know how to create an elegant advertisement. The new iPhone4 campaign is no exception. This writer draws a great connection between the new ad and the famous Kodak scene from season one of Mad Men. Watch the scene here, it is incredible.

It's As If Apple Has Hired Don Draper The other day I was talking to an old friend. Not only is this friend outside the tech sphere, he’s just about as opposite of tech savvy as a person can be. He’s basically a luddite. In fact, I was surprised he was even IMing with me, he’s so seldom online. But I was more surprised by what he asked me. “What do you think of the new iPhone?” It’s one thing to know what an iPhone is, but the fact that he was aware that there was a new iPhone caught … Read More

via TechCrunch