Strategic Sourcing & Procurement: Great Starting Points to a Green Supply Chain (via ValueStreaming)

This new survey by Deloitte is a must read (there is a link to it in the Value Streaming blog.) Deloitte questioned a group of 50 executives across a broad spectrum of industries and found some great insights about the application of sustainability principles in business today. Nearly all companies felt that sustainability had a part in their organizations’ strategy and interests. For most, while they talked about a Triple Bottom Line, sustainability initiatives were predominantly environmental. The survey also indicates that in the recession, some companies drew a hard line with regards to sustainability investments and traditional Return on Investment (ROI) measures – in other words, they limited their investments to ones that would pay off in the short term. However, many did see opportunities for payoffs with investments in operational efficiencies, brand enhancements, and supply chain improvements.

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement: Great Starting Points to a Green Supply Chain Reports surfaced this week about a Deloitte survey of a relatively small group of 50 executives taken from late 2009 to early 2010. However, the survey covered five industry sectors: automotive, consumer products, process and industrial, technology, and telecommunications. While there was disagreement in some industry’s over what constituted a ‘green job’, there was widespread agreement in a number of areas.  Almost all surveyed indicated that su … Read More

via ValueStreaming


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