How would you like your salmonella, scrambled?

I was ‘shocked’ to discover that the recent Salmonella outbreak in eggs, which led to the recall of 380 Million eggs nationwide, was just tied to an industrial-sized egg operation, Wright County Egg.

I was even more ‘shocked’ to hear the owner of said industrial-sized farm accused of being a “bad actor” by going to the “lowest level of compliance” on FDA regulations by another local farmer in Clarion, Iowa.

Finally, I was even more ‘shocked’ to discover that the owner of Wright County Egg , who also owns a facility in Maine, recently admitted responsibility for 10 counts of animal cruelty in a negotiated settlement with the State of Maine and paid  $36,947 in fines and restitution, and $100,000 to aid further inspections by the Maine Department of Agriculture.

I am just ‘shocked.’