Primary Day in Rhode Island

Today, I voted at my local elementary school for the first time since 2002. Until last year, I was a Naval Officer, travelling around the world, and voting absentee. The process of voting in person is different than voting by mail, beyond the mechanics. For one, you can really get a sense of the political dynamic by looking at the supporters in the community. On the way to my polling place, in CD1 of Rhode Island, I saw several young supporters of Dave Segal, the progressive candidate to replace Patrick Kennedy, on the streets with signs. Providence Mayor David Cicilline, the presumptive favorite for both the nomination and victory in November, did not have any supporters out. In fact, no other candidate was represented by supporters on the street. Now, I voted in midafternoon, but what I concluded from this admittedly small sample was that Segal’s grassroots campaign was a success; it garnered the kind of enthusiasm that could draw out young voters. At the end of the day, I expect that Cicilline will prevail, but my vote for Dave Segal felt good. It also felt good to actually cast my vote in person, given all that I have learned about how absentee ballots are (not) counted. Today, I wear my voting sticker with pride.

Political forecaster Nate Silver of has a mixed outlook for the major parties. He sees a 93.2 percent chance that Democrats, represented by David Cicilline, will hold Rhode Island's First Congressional seat in November. Silver has Cicilline beating Republican John Loughlin, 56 percent to 42 percent. In CD2, Silver forecasts a win today for Republican Bill Clegg over endorsed candidate Mark Zaccaria, but he calls it a 100 percent lock that … Read More

via On Politics


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