Americans are clueless about wealth distribution (via Marlboro College Graduate School)

This new research from Harvard and Duke is incredible. One million Americans, across the ideological spectrum, preferred a wealth distribution similar to one that exists in Sweden, and did not truly understand how skewed wealth distribution is in the United States. During this campaign, when ideologues rail against ‘socialism,’ this research is very telling about the type of country that Americans want to live in, and how poorly they understand what type of society the laws and principles of their country have produced.

SustainaBlipp#1 provided by Ralph Meima, Program Director, Marlboro MBA in Managing for Sustainability A recent Harvard/Duke survey concludes: Americans have no idea how skewed the distribution of wealth is in our country, would be shocked if they did, and overwhelmingly prefer a quite different distribution that looks like that of social-democratic welfare state Sweden. Norton, Michael I., and Dan Ariely. "Building a Better America—One Wealth Qu … Read More

via Marlboro College Graduate School

Country Roads Take Me Home

Last weekend I ventured home to the trailer of my youth for the first time since I was a wee lad.  My family moved many times while I was growing up, and I realized that my experience, my education in life is completely different as a result.  Having lived in megacities like Los Angeles, and rural spots such as the one pictured above, I was exposed both to the sanctity of nature and tradition in rural life, and the melding of cultures and traditions in the big city.  Had I grown up entirely on this stretch of land, my life would undoubtedly be completely different.  I also think that concepts of what home is are completely changed for people growing up today.  Because our economy is relatively mobile compared to what it was years ago, most of the people I know have moved around.  Here in Rhode Island, of course, home has a more old-fashioned meaning.  For me, the understanding of the wide variety of cultures and lifestyles in the world is priceless.  I wouldn’t trade my wandering for anything.

Life is pretty busy this week, so I won’t be posting again until next Monday.  Have a great week everyone.