215,000 reasonable people rock DC

I drove down to DC from Rhode Island for the Rally to Restore Sanity, and found that other reasonable people had travelled by the busload from Oregon, New York, Texas, all over the country.

In fact, the estimate of reasonable Americans (215,000) was more that double the estimate (87,000) from the Glen Beck rally.  There were tons of families, and people of all ages.  I was surprised at how many elderly couples I saw, in fact.

People created their own signs for the Rally, and many of them were very creative, like the one pictured above.  In fact, the reasonableness was evident in the way we all treated each other, packed like sardines on the National Mall.  There was not much room to move around during the rally, which made life challenging for those who needed easy access to the port-o-potties.

Personally, I was near the back of the Rally, but Jon Stewart did a great job of amplifying the rally and providing video images.  We even did some crowd tricks at the beginning, like a wave that took more than 60 seconds to go from front to back, and a seismic inducing crowd jump.

People sat on the stairs of the museums, and a few limber folks even climbed trees.  The crowd was enthusiastic; it is powerful to be among such a large group of reasonable people.

Hopefully, the reasonableness of the crowd will rub off on the political process.  Jon Stewart’s speech at the end of the Rally was powerful, if you didn’t hear it, the text is available here.

Being Halloween, there were a number of creative costumes among those in attendance.

Patriotism was also in great abundance at the Rally.  While those who listened to FOX News coverage undoubtedly concluded the event was a conspiracy by socialists to activate the youth prior to the election, not one mention of the election was made during the entire three hours.  In fact, the main point was to nurture and grow reasonable behavior in our political and personal lives.  That reasonableness may not get the ratings on cable TV, but that is actually the point.

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