Bipartisanship! On Food Safety!

The Senate just passed a sweeping Food Safety Bill that would grant the FDA new power to recall tainted foods, increase inspections, and demand accountability from food companies.  The Senate and the House now need to agree on a consolidated Bill.  In the Senate, the bill passed 73-25.  Apparently, a rare phenomenon has occurred, whereby lawmakers of different parties work together to pass legislation.  Historians note that this used to be called bipartisanship.  Hopefully the House and the Senate will continue the good work and get a law signed before the end of the session.

One Comment on “Bipartisanship! On Food Safety!”

  1. […] Bipartisanship! On Food Safety! (  12/01/2010  napman57 Categories: "My Noise", a corporate run world, a country of pussy's, actions speak louder than words, an un-American act, and stop wrapping your ass around the flag, are we safe or what, bitching and moaning, bullshit walks, can't please everybody, crooks in Congress & the Senate, demand the truth and speak it LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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