A climate change movie that doesn’t care if you believe in climate change

A remarkable new documentary is out this month, called Carbon Nation.  Director Peter Byck bills this film as a “climate change movie that doesn’t even care if you believe in climate change.”  All I can say is you’ve got to see this film.  Take your conservative friends and family, too.  Byck really frames the challenges and opportunities of climate change in an elegant and open-minded way – this film is not preachy, it is straightforward; it drives home the point that people are confronting this problem already, with solutions that can be adopted on a much larger scale.  This film is a game-changer.


2 Comments on “A climate change movie that doesn’t care if you believe in climate change”

  1. Kristin says:

    ROB! I watched the documerntary and I was appalled at the honelsty of the film. Floored is and understaement when iI describe my reaction to the material that I viewed. PLEASE update me as to what more I can do to get our NY state Senators and Congressmans attention…..I want a clean world and more importantly a lasting one for my children! CLEAN WATER!

    • Rob says:

      Well you can start with protecting water in NY – this link explains the NY campaign. Second, you can push your Representatives and Senators to support the Clean Air Act. It is under assault by the Republican House. Finally, you can make sure they know you support a cap on carbon emissions. We need to grow the clean tech economy here in the US, and wean ourselves off of dirty coal. Thanks for commenting!

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