OK Go, an inspiration for long term planning

Watch this latest video from the band OK Go, which is know for their creative videos (this one is great too, and check out this rube goldberg machine!)

When you look at these videos, especially the new one End Love, you see a commitment to craft and quality that is absent in America today.  The video was filmed over 18 continuous hours, and required a view toward the larger project and attention to detail, instead of quick, short-term thinking.  The band members had to be very careful about movement and decisions that they made over that long time period, keeping in mind what was required to complete the project successfully.

What these videos bring to mind are the lack of long term thinking in both government and the boardrooms of America.  In government, politicians operate in the 24-hour news cycle and are most concerned with their immediate electoral future.  In business, the next quarter, or the next fiscal year are typically as far as incentive structures extend.  The problems we face today, whether you look at the economic recession, long term deficits, anthropogenic-induced global warming, and resource scarcity, demand the kind of long term planning and cooperation, that is nearly absent in our society today.   What can we do about it?

Scott Brown, Senator with truck, supports big banks

Senator Scott Brown, what would a hedge fund manager drive? Not a truck.

Apparently, Scott Brown is a common man, who drives a truck, just like any other regular Joe six-pack.  However, when Democrats proposed having the banks foot the $20 Billion cost of Financial Reform, he balked.  Instead, he moved for taxpayers to foot the bill.  Say what?

In fact, the $20 Billion will come out of the remaining TARP funds, which were supposed to be paid directly towards the deficit.  Didn’t Scott Brown campaign on deficit reduction? His voters certainly considered it a priority.  Huh?

Some banks, those that take deposits, will have to pay slightly higher assessments to the FDIC; however hedge funds and investment banks get off scot-free.  Sound familiar?  So I guess Brown should probably trade in his truck for whatever hedge fund managers are driving these days.  Porche?  Mercedes?  Anyone have any helpful tips for the intrepid Senator?