Bipartisanship! On Food Safety!

The Senate just passed a sweeping Food Safety Bill that would grant the FDA new power to recall tainted foods, increase inspections, and demand accountability from food companies.  The Senate and the House now need to agree on a consolidated Bill.  In the Senate, the bill passed 73-25.  Apparently, a rare phenomenon has occurred, whereby lawmakers of different parties work together to pass legislation.  Historians note that this used to be called bipartisanship.  Hopefully the House and the Senate will continue the good work and get a law signed before the end of the session.

How would you like your salmonella, scrambled?

I was ‘shocked’ to discover that the recent Salmonella outbreak in eggs, which led to the recall of 380 Million eggs nationwide, was just tied to an industrial-sized egg operation, Wright County Egg.

I was even more ‘shocked’ to hear the owner of said industrial-sized farm accused of being a “bad actor” by going to the “lowest level of compliance” on FDA regulations by another local farmer in Clarion, Iowa.

Finally, I was even more ‘shocked’ to discover that the owner of Wright County Egg , who also owns a facility in Maine, recently admitted responsibility for 10 counts of animal cruelty in a negotiated settlement with the State of Maine and paid  $36,947 in fines and restitution, and $100,000 to aid further inspections by the Maine Department of Agriculture.

I am just ‘shocked.’